COVID-19: An Essential Understanding of the Science, Spread and Therapy of a Pandemic

Wed, 22 Apr 2020 1:00 PM

In this engaging and informative online session, Michael offers a conceptual landscape on which attendees construct a valid understanding of COVID-19. Using a PowerPoint deck populated with richly illustrated and animated slides, Michael facilitates this essential experience in a non-intimidating and logical manner. Through this understanding, educators become empowered to teach the applicable concepts of COVID-19 literacy, resulting in a student population that is better informed to make critical decisions, especially those that impact their health.

Learning Objectives

  • To empower attendees with valid information on which world decisions are made
  • To demystify the concepts underlying an applicable understanding of COVID-19
  • To address basic assumptions and gaps in understanding, not addressed by media sources
  • To empower attendees with valid information on which to increase classroom effectiveness
  • To demonstrate best practices in effective science education


From hosting JASON broadcasts to shepherding the Discovery Channel to their first Emmy Award nomination, Michael is a globally respected renaissance educator, speaker, and science education author. A former marine biologist, he worked as a research assistant to a Nobel prize winner. Leaving the laboratory and his instructor role at Boston University, he celebrated his passion in education as a K-12 classroom teacher for ten years. Returning to graduate school, he completed his EdD, based upon his work in HIV/AIDS education.

In addition to writing the national curriculum on The Science of HIV, published by the National Science Teachers Association, Michael has authored over 25 trade books and coauthored over 60 textbooks. Beyond his work with leading print publishers, he has developed materials for Google, Disney, the Discovery Channel, PBS, Children’s Television Workshop, MTV, Scientific American Frontiers, The JASON Project and the US Department of Education. These days, his interests in developing AR and VR experiences has been supplanted by the need to create COVID-19 literate students.